Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pointless Blabbering

I am frustrated!

Frustrated with the world and its nearsightedness and its superficial view on the matters.
I am frustrated with the news about the IPL. So, some young lads got rich at a strike of the hammer.... what's the big deal.
America destroys the dead-satelite approaching the earth...what's the big deal...everybody's gonna die anyway.
Obama, Hillary- what the heck! Both of them would screw the world equally well.

So, some astrophysicist discovered some new star with some peculiar nature..there are 200 billions of them....there's no end to it.
A pop-up pops-up which is THE only thing it is capable of doing, another worthless entity!Winamp says its 5.5 version is released. Who cares, my old winamp can play Comfortably_Numb.mp3 equally great.

I wonder at the pointlessness and worthlessness of things happening around me and the maddening noise they are creating!

I want to scream chaos. I want to become the devil's brother.
I want to paint Taj Mahal blue. I want to stand on top of the Eiffel tower and take a piss making a big circle. I want to slap George Bush and whisper in Osama's ear- "Dude, what the Fuck!"

I want to become random, I want to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time... want to become that Heisenberg's particle.

Disclaimer: The thoughts above are just a piece of composition and not necessarily depict my state of mind :P


  1. If this piece of knowledge is a description of your current state of mind, then dude, you've gotto get a life. No doubt, there is alot of materialism in this world which doesn't give a shit about the deprived and underpriviliged, but you have to do, what you feel as an individual is the right thing to do. Live life in the present and dont strain your head with matters you can't control sitting here in the present. If you work out your present nicely than your future will automatically turn out to be just fine.
    "Just stay coooool!!"

  2. I don't know if that was your state of mind. But I enjoyed reading it :). And sometimes I too want to Paint a lot of things blue (not because Indians cricketer wear blue :D) and I enjoy doing it when I really can. Enjoy...

  3. sahi hai ustaad! nice exerpts to go trough it.Enjoy....

  4. Doesn't our words spoken at a given instance reflect our state of mind at that instance? How can it be that what we are thinking and what we are saying be contradictory?

    I understood all ur views but the DISCLAIMER of urs perplexed me. Do u want to be defensive in separating ur words from ur mind?

  5. Arsalan, I will quote something for you-
    "It's better to burn out than to fade away "
    - Kurt Cobain

    Neo: yes, this is my state of mind. But I had to put the disclaimer for political and diplomatic reasons :D
    Who knows it might land me up in Guantanamo, for Uncle Sam takes no chances :)