Friday, March 13, 2009

Gulaal- Finally some serious stuff

Bhai log, I feel delighted to state my feelings here about watching Gulaal.
Obviously, I loved the movie and rate it at a very respectable position in my list.(And believe me I have a very long and eclectic list)
But, it's not just about the joy of watching a great movie.
I feel great to see Bollywood (or read just Anurag Kashyap and some other talented folks) brushing shoulders with Hollywood movies in terms of quality and original content.
I feel relieved to see the existence of at least some people who care to take movies as a serious and uncompromising art in a place where salesman-Sh**r*kh, monotonous-AB and moron-R*j*ikant rule the industry. I can see the likes of Karan Johars and Chopras wetting their pants eveb if they think of making a movie of this caliber.
[Sorry, if I hurt somebody's feelings here, but I can not care less to be politically correct. So face the music :D ]

The movie is very dark, very deep, very subtle dialogues and every character has depth, is well carved and has a purpose to serve. This movie makes Omkara look like a lullaby.

Even the songs (to my surprise) were very appropriate and contextual.
Background score was brilliant and scary. Piyush Mishra is great in both acting and composing the music for the movie.
Very creative and meaningful stuff.
No wonder no distributor in India was willing to distribute this movie and it was just hanging there for 1 year.
But only after the commercial success of Dev.D people took chance to put some money in it and it got released.

Although, I am sure it will bomb at the B.O. :)

I personally congratulate Anurag Kashyap and wish he reads this as he deserves every bit of accolade to be the odd-one,to be the good-one in a moronic-industry like this.